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It requires thinking, why people expect household chores from daughters, not from son. After all, they are stars of parents.




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I am not a regular visitor or writer on this website. Although I love to write about it, being a housewife sometimes becomes difficult to cope up with all the phases of life. Reading different articles of different writers brings enrichment in me. They offer me new experiences and new enthusiasm for life. They broaden my way of thinking.

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All are celebrating Women’s day, it is really good to devote a day to any female and do good for her. But, do you think our duty towards female ends up to it? Are we making any sincere efforts for the society? It will have mal-nurtured, orphan children are we accepting them and giving them normal and comfortable life. Have they come with this painful life in their luck?

They crave for the true love and affection of their family members and people who own them are not valuing them.  We must serve the society and value those things who are making our life more acceptable and jovial.

The Gift Ideas for New Born- Significant options to select From

The Gift Ideas for New Born Significant options to select from

Sometimes ideas come from those place where we least expect. They can come while waiting at the railway station, for instance. The place of the origination of the idea doesn’t matter, what has the utmost importance is the content. The excellent idea is easy to implement and fulfills its objectives too. One such brilliant newborn idea for the gift is unique basket containing present for the special new guest in the life.

A most important present given to the newborn could be a gift basket which has all the items that are quite necessary just after childbirth. The basket has items that are bit necessary just after the childbirth.  Such a basket will include items of clothing, cozy, and delicate blankets, toys, and photo albums etc. There would be certain goodies and cookies for the parent as well. The new parent gifts could be anything from motherhood books or even scented candles and baby care products etc.

The gifts are the expression of someone’s feeling towards someone. So, never miss the chance to show affection for your loved near and dear ones.

Mingle Your House with the New Age

Nowadays the consumer has the mindset which is undergoing with a plethora of new ideas. They want constant change in their decor. People are not using the bathroom only for utility, but they are creating their personal heavens. The multiple designs with the inspiration are available in the markets, one can check them on internet, magazines etc. The consumers are accessing the information that is not organized which makes the process more difficult.

Some innovative brands are remaining ahead by offering the new trends in the line with the emerging needs of consumers. After analyzing the interior of multiple studies, I have come with new and beautiful ideas. Surely these designs are really inspirational.  Over years, a similar trend is coming back but now it is the time to make a change in the decor of your house to bring the feeling of innovation and freshness.

Art Therapy

Art therapy is a way of therapy which is very expressive, that uses the process of making creative art for the improvement of an individual physical, mental and emotional well-being. This process involves the expression of one’s self artistically that can resolve issues as well as develop and manage their behavior and feelings, reduce stress, improve awareness and self-esteem.

For this, a person need not be talented or a professional painter to receive the benefits of therapy. There are some professionals that can work with the person for seeking the underlying messages communicated through the art, which can also aid in the healing process. This therapy can achieve different results for different individuals. One can take benefit from art therapy in counseling by therapists, rehabilitation, psychotherapy, healing treatment and in other words, it can clear all the inner conflicts and can provide the individual with a deeper understanding of him or herself.

What to do in Art Therapy?

It is a training which is used as therapy and art, available both in psychology and human development. One can work with the person of all ages, sex, creed etc. The therapists have been trained for picking up non-verbal metaphors and symbols that can be expressed through art and with the creative process. One can see the effects of art therapy on the patient.

Why use in Art Therapy?

It is absolutely the best treatment for a patient it is a way of improving anyone’s emotional and mental being.  It is not at all tough because it gives relief from stress or tension, or the best way for auto-suggestion. It is the way of creative outlet.

The Preference for Art Therapy:

Nowadays, the people are facing so many tensions and inner-conflict but don’t they know how to get rid of. The art therapy can be used unconsciously on the patients for getting best results of their problems.

Love to Eat Green Chillies

Our biggest need is food and how can be possible that we cannot talk about food. I was doing cooking and love to use green chillies in my dishes. I also like to eat green chillies very much. It enhances the taste buds not only this it has much more positive effects on our body. Green chillies decrease the quantity of calorie and increase the metabolism in our body. The antioxidant capacity of chillies saves the body from free radicals. Not only it cures the protestant.

It gives benefit to the cardiovascular system and lessens the blood cholesterol from the human body. The heat which comes from the chillies works as a pain-killer improves the digestive system and works as anti-ulcer. It is loaded with Vitamin-C and Beta-Keratin which can make everyone user beautiful. Keep it in a cool place to conserve Vitamin-C in it.

Whenever someone takes it, endorphins develops which has the role of mood booster in a human body.  It makes the human body free from bacteria and strengthens the immune system. Do take green chillies if you are suffering from High-Blood pressure and diabetes. Lung cancer can also be controlled and green chilly is the best remedy for stammering. The females who have less iron in their body must take the green chillies in their meals. In just two or three days, it will increase.

Now, make up your mind to have Green Chillies in your food. It will make you much happy 🙂 .




When we someone does wrong with us, we feel angry.  Then doing something wrong with them comes in our mind, is this correct? We never think the repercussion of such thinking in our physical and mental body. We just react abruptly on the actions or thinking. The seed of negativity arises with the waves of a wrong thinking of our mind. Are we responsible for that or that person who has done wrong is responsible for our present stage?  At that time, we must stop that wrong thinking in the starting itself. Because if it develops that destroys all the mental peace and happiness which have with us.

When we look behind in our mind, we will know that how many fears we have which are of no value. The fear of losing loved ones, the fear of failure or fear of death. Everyone has different fear which we care throughout our life. Is this not ridiculous? We are afraid of those who have not come. According to me, there is no meaning in feeling fear from them even after facing them because we have to face them with happiness or with tears.  Fear is nothing but lack of courage. We must believe that everything ends whether good or bad. The beginning comes with the end itself, so why to fear.

We express our fear and anger easily but we must express our love and affection absolutely. Unfortunately, we feel misery in showing soft feelings towards others. Knowing the right time of expression of emotions is the utmost need for stopping negative repercussions in our relations.