Our biggest need is food and how can be possible that we cannot talk about food. I was doing cooking and love to use green chillies in my dishes. I also like to eat green chillies very much. It enhances the taste buds not only this it has much more positive effects on our body. Green chillies decrease the quantity of calorie and increase the metabolism in our body. The antioxidant capacity of chillies saves the body from free radicals. Not only it cures the protestant.

It gives benefit to the cardiovascular system and lessens the blood cholesterol from the human body. The heat which comes from the chillies works as a pain-killer improves the digestive system and works as anti-ulcer. It is loaded with Vitamin-C and Beta-Keratin which can make everyone user beautiful. Keep it in a cool place to conserve Vitamin-C in it.

Whenever someone takes it, endorphins develops which has the role of mood booster in a human body.  It makes the human body free from bacteria and strengthens the immune system. Do take green chillies if you are suffering from High-Blood pressure and diabetes. Lung cancer can also be controlled and green chilly is the best remedy for stammering. The females who have less iron in their body must take the green chillies in their meals. In just two or three days, it will increase.

Now, make up your mind to have Green Chillies in your food. It will make you much happy 🙂 .




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