When we someone does wrong with us, we feel angry.  Then doing something wrong with them comes in our mind, is this correct? We never think the repercussion of such thinking in our physical and mental body. We just react abruptly on the actions or thinking. The seed of negativity arises with the waves of a wrong thinking of our mind. Are we responsible for that or that person who has done wrong is responsible for our present stage?  At that time, we must stop that wrong thinking in the starting itself. Because if it develops that destroys all the mental peace and happiness which have with us.

When we look behind in our mind, we will know that how many fears we have which are of no value. The fear of losing loved ones, the fear of failure or fear of death. Everyone has different fear which we care throughout our life. Is this not ridiculous? We are afraid of those who have not come. According to me, there is no meaning in feeling fear from them even after facing them because we have to face them with happiness or with tears.  Fear is nothing but lack of courage. We must believe that everything ends whether good or bad. The beginning comes with the end itself, so why to fear.

We express our fear and anger easily but we must express our love and affection absolutely. Unfortunately, we feel misery in showing soft feelings towards others. Knowing the right time of expression of emotions is the utmost need for stopping negative repercussions in our relations.



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