Sitting on the bank of the sea and counting the waves coming, I was thinking and imaging myself as the greatest philosopher. The ideas were vague because the numbers of waves are countless. I was trying to count the waves but sometimes they come so fast and that was difficult for me to catch it.  The whole day was over but I was somewhat satisfied. The thing is that I was doing an impossible as well as ridiculous task.

It was same as counting hair or counting stars in the sky.  We, the human beings mostly say while doing something that I have done this for my satisfaction. But exactly we have satisfaction or not? Whatever we do, we tag it consciously, ” This satisfies my inner desire of achievement”. In nanoseconds, this satisfaction vanishes. I was quite surprised from my own feelings but we human beings are like this.

Whenever we get something, we take that for granted and start craving for others. Increasing the numbers in achievement list is the greatest goal nowadays. We are losing the value of what we have in our buckets and wanting more.

I think the biggest thing is the satisfaction of achievement’s, as it must be the best thing one can possess after achieving. It is said  “the richer you are, the lesser you want.”


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