Impressive personalities are our choices we love to read about them because they inspire and motivate us to do something good. I am also one of those who loves to miss myself in those books. This makes me what I am or what I want to become. Most persons don’t know how to balance between happiness and sadness. They love to take risks and experience both things.  This can make them more anxious, helpless and feel of failure etc. They spent their whole life with the feeling of the victim.

The Reaction is bigger Than the Achievement 

The people who have achieved something in their life believes in continuous learning. Their every step is their first step as they are the students of their own schools. The discipline is their part of their life. Mostly achievers say that it will take the time to become a successful person.

 Their Courage is their Dream

They believe to be brave than the coward. They have to pass through various phases of the struggle then comes the original self.  It includes imagination, vision, focus, struggle and then at last achievement. After achievement, they will get technical efficiency.

Achievers Play with Themselves

They love to play with themselves. They want their character strongly attached with their dreams, they believe in moving forward from insecurity, they feel the pain of deep labour and even face the criticism of critics.

So, it is better to be new in the efforts and results too.



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