Reminding the memories of my childhood, I never want to remind roller coaster because it makes me afraid. The day was terrible when I fell down from it. It was an experience which I never want to remember but still never forget. I was sitting in my room thinking about my husband who is very sincere and silent personality. I always tried to know more about him for that I have to make efforts.  Coming back on my roller coaster, I was experiencing same because of my mood swings.

Sometimes I felt very much elated and achieved on the other side, I have a pinch of loneliness and depressed. Why is it so? I was known because of my ambitions in my college days. The person who always makes efforts to get what she want and finally achieved that. But nowadays the times have changed and days have passed,  I have changed myself or you can say I am trying to change myself from ambitious to the Satisfactory type of Person.

The mission is difficult but not impossible. I am moving in the roller coaster of my feelings that are changing continuously without giving any reason to me. Sharing gives satisfaction and that is the same satisfaction which I am getting in myself after sharing this from my virtual friends. Hope this will not be so much boring for you all as I think this is a phase of life.

Thanks for giving your precious time in reading my roller coaster.




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