God being one, the world’s leading religions have manifested a remarkable co-incidence in two perspectives on the universe as well as degrees of humankind. Beyond the mere rituals of worship, everyone knows one thing, although it differs that whether they have faith or not. I have a great interest in that thing which is known as zodiac and believes that somehow in one or other condition, one’s zodiac sign affects the personality. The personality is the configuration of habits, attitudes, character and mentality. This will be developed and affected by many factors includes atmosphere, knowledge, and upbringing. These all are the outer factors which affect anyone but the inner factors that contribute to the formation of personality are genes and zodiac signs. Let’s have a look on zodiac signs positive and negative traits along with the solution of negative traits:

1. The Aries Personality: The people who seem to be unusually friendly with an instant smile, a forceful manner and who had a penchant for talking straight to the point, is like to be an Arien. Their constitution is strong and enough, they are headstrong tendency to carry smoothly through adverse situations. Their mostly indulgence will be in an angry and aggressive behaviour. They are high hooked persons. They are prone to taking sleeping pills. They are the stranger to laziness.

To Be Continued



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