The day was sunny but for me it was hectic. The routine was normal but in my mind, it was the chaos of thoughts. Thoughts of something achieving more and more, and pondering the ways of getting the rhythm in my soul and thinking.

It was mysterious that when we achieve something, we crave for next instead of satisfying our soul with it. The life is like this but a mental peace brings all within us. Mental peace is difficult to achieve, what are the measures to be with it. Some people search it in in the books, some people prefers the guidance of Guru, but they exactly get it or not. One cannot say this, but after experiencing all these things, I came with a very clear outlook that it is in our mind.

Sometimes we search the things outside that are very near to us. So, it’s better to search the things first with yourself, then after going for outside because you can help yourself more than others.

Thanks for giving your precious time in reading my feelings.

Have a nice and jovial day ahead!



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