The Days are Teaching

Nowadays I am learning a lesson from someone or you can say everyone is teaching me something indirectly. In last days, life was somewhat boring as I have nothing creative in my days. As if all the enthusiasm was over and life has nothing for me to do. Although I have many personal goals but sometimes life becomes monotonous by repeating same actions and reactions again and again.  We do and accept it as if life bank has same saving only. But I think it also increases with the passing of time but we will be ready to open for new things.

Learning is a continuous process which works on each phase of our life. The feeling of satisfaction and achievement comes from learning. Now I have learned to learn from everything be it an accepting or rejecting something. The daily chores of cooking make us learn many things be it a patience or balance between happiness or sadness. Life is changing as I am changing my point of view also. I have many goals still to do although I have achieved some of them from my list but still persisting some of them.

But as learning and craving are increasing, my list for goals are also generating more points to make. It’s just that the hunger is never-ending for someone and for someone it’s useless to crave because the biggest asset is satisfaction.

Share you Ideas what you believe Ambition or Satisfaction is Best 🙂






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