Dance like a Child

For many of us, the childlike joy has become elusive. So much of our day today focus is on getting things done and focus on getting things done. Living becomes meaningless and burdensome crowded with to do lists that never ends,  Trapped in one obligation after another and enslaved to the circumstances of life. Take the right how to think about the things that make you feel like a child? Do you know or you have forgotten? What are the things you cannot wait to do? What you love? Just dive in your memory bank of joy and let your mind take you to the places where you will feel absolutely wonderful doing what you were doing.

This is the stuff that joyful living is made up of. It comes from creating a life that is filled with doing that which brings you the greatest joy. There is a rush of energy which brings you the greatest joy that comes with feeling completely immersed in doing what you love most.


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