Bravo! You said “No” to Pain

This is the great start of the New Year and you are still feeling pain for the past. Are you doing justice to yourself, to your upbringing, your knowledge and many things around you? Just ask this question of yourself. Are you feeling guilty, for what you have done? Is this so, that you are doing something wrong because you don’t have enough guts to say “No”. Do not be a time-waster by concentrating in the wrong direction. This will become the reason of decreased productivity. To move forward, you have to lose the barriers that are pulling you back in the past. Say politely no, to those things which are wrong in your point of view. Whenever you are happy, do not repent on your mistakes.

There is a story coming in my mind, when I was doing well with everyone and all are taking me taken for granted. Later, it was usual for me, but as it is sad to feel like this, I was pulling myself away from those circumstances.  It is well said by a great author “Excess of everything is bad” and rejection of someone is too bad.

No one has the right to question someone’s individuality because everyone is the creation of the Greatest Almighty.  Some have thought in their mind, that one can be remembered always by giving pain but in my point of view, after giving pain someone, never expect pleasure for you. Pleasure brings pleasure and pain rebirths pain only. So, Be brave, to Say No, to those who believe in giving you pain.





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