Sometimes journey makes you learn more than what you want

It was the day of curiosity and adventure when I have planned to go out to see some monuments but can you believe that my whole time was in the journey without reaching any destination. Sometimes moments of life are painful, but its better to learn something from them. I believe in smiling on my failures, in the starting it was bit difficult for me also like others, but now every failure is reason to smile for me. It is said also life has given many reasons to weep than to smile. If life has given you lemons, make it freaking lemonade. Journey makes us learn something more than what we want because at that time we face those conditions which we cant ignore.During travelling we go through the moments like the next seat candidates, their activities, their talks and experiences etc.

You can bring new in your life through their experiences, totally a phase of recognition for yourself not for others.You cant stop yourself making thoughts for someone but trust me

those thoughts beautiful_red_195863and experiences will become the property for you for your whole life.


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