Natural Tips for Healthy Long Hair

Like all our body parts, hair also needs our attention, if we want to look beautiful and attractive. Our hair deserves special care. Need some help; I am surely here for suggesting something for healthy hair. I can provide some natural tips for healthy long hair. Some tips for healthy long hair are as follows:

Tie Your Hair while Sleeping: It is a myth that if you loosen your hair while sleeping, they will be good but this is not true. Loose braid will help one feel comfortable, because tight braiding breaks your hair. It tangled hair also.

Lessen Your Stress: If hair is falling in more quantity, then check stress level because stress is the biggest enemy in our daily lives nowadays. In this hectic life, everyone is facing high competition. During stress human body produces a hormone called cortisol which damages the lifelines of hair. It causes dullness in the hair.

Eat Healthy: It is said that you are what you eat. Eat Healthy which includes green vegetables and meals with iron who are essential for healthy hair. One must be sure that meals consists of iron, zinc, magnesium, calcium and potassium many more.

Wash Hair Properly: One must wash hair properly to keep their hair clean which helps them to maintain health. The number of washing during a week depends on how much scalp produces oil. If scalp is oily, then one needs to wash them, thrice a week. Chemically treated scalp, becomes drier, then frequently washing is needed.

Use Aloe-Vera for Healthy Hair: Indian home remedies are best to opt for healthy hair, use Aloe-Vera for healthy hair as they have no side effects. First wash hair, then can extract the pulp from the leaf and massage it on the hair. One can apply it twice or thrice in a week.


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