Is this correct for demanding one situation only? As see-saw can not be stable, expectation  of one condition in your life is irrational.It has its own moves and one can not escape . Diving into the sea of Life, dealing with the factory of ideas in the mind. We develop innumerable thoughts which flows in our box.

We have always two best friends with us one is Victory and Other is Defeat.Some people develops love for Victory wanting more and more from her.But some faces defeat in their lives.When we see anyone’s friendship with victory,we expect it because she has Love,Attention,Courage, Confidence and many more with her.Unfortunately, Defeat’s friend develops urge for everything,that’s why mostly people are afraid of her because she has negative thinking,sluggishness in her stock that results lethargic nature and lack of projection in life.

Expectation is useless and accept  What you Get and Move on.





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